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Atos-Product Lifecycle Management - PLM

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management: A complete end-to-end consulting and implementation approach.

With innovation and accelerated product development at the top of today’s manufacturers’ to-do list, an effective Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) vision and strategy is a must-have. And for manufacturers, the effective adoption of PLM is becoming critical in meeting today’s business challenges, across the board.


Benefit from a complete end-to-end consulting and implementation approach
PLM demands seamless collaboration between different entities, including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and engineering, and an efficient new product introduction strategy that delivers on time and budget.


Here our consulting approach ensures that these processes are optimised before a solution is implemented. And because PLM must be fully integrated enterprise-wide, Atos ensures that all processes and systems are configured to work optimally at every stage including concept (CAD/CAM), manufacturing (MES), document management (ECM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise workflows (ERP).


Atos will review existing PLM practice within your organisation and consider new approaches, supported by a complete end-to-end consulting and implementation approach:


  • PLM Consulting: to identify and define a highly effective, efficient, tailored PLM solution
  • PLM Core Solutions: management of products and data supported by modular components
  • PLM Process and Industry Specific Solutions: fully implemented and integrated solutions.

We regard all PLM engagements as business, rather than IT, projects. As a showcase for PLM and change management best practice, Atos is firmly software-agnostic while working in parallel with technology leaders including Aras, Dassault Systèmes, Oracle, PTC, Siemens and SAP.


Why Atos for Product Lifecycle Management - PLM ?

  • Over 20 years of PLM experience supported by 450 experts, best practices and mature methodologies
  • We deliver 'first time right' solutions that add tangible competitive advantage
  • Our Global Production Centres, in tandem with our PLM Technology Centre, deliver low-cost industrialised solutions and services founded on best-practice ITIL®-based processes and technology excellence
  • Projects lead by teams that are highly experienced in manufacturing sub-sectors and processes plus experts in business and industrial control systems, data extraction and visualisation of real-time business intelligence
  • We also provide full-service packages from PLM Application Management to on-demand PLM solutions that make PLM more widely available at a lower price point.

AtosSphere Product Lifecycle Management On-Demand

With our AtosSphere PLM On-Demand, Atos can offer a service that puts PLM within reach of smaller and medium-sized engineering and manufacturing companies without overstretching their budget.


The pay-as-you-go model gives customers an easy-to-use, up-and-running, pre-configured solution. It also transforms fixed costs to a variable cost, reducing your company’s capital expenditure, while avoiding the risk of deployment over-runs (of on-site systems). Typical business benefits include:

  • Cycle times down by 10-20%
  • Productivity up by 20-40%
  • Material costs down by 2-5%
  • Waste / rework down by 30-40%

To get even more from bringing on-demand PLM into your manufacturing environment, we offer a range of complementary services including: PLM Consulting, PLM Core Templates and PLM Process and Industry Specific Templates.


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