Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Mastering next-generation manufacturing


Distributed computing, ever-increasing customer expectations, regulatory compliance and mergers and acquisitions. All these challenges require common platforms, streamlined processes along the entire value chain and an optimised flow of information within and beyond organisational borders.


To address these challenges, Atos helps you to succeed and compete efficiently and sustainably through its Business Process Solutions for Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 


We support your end-to-end logistics operations, including your SAP environment, with the objective of building a competitive infrastructure, synchronising supply with demand, and measuring performance globally. We also offer turnkey solutions and a broad portfolio of services, including eSerialisation, Track and Trace (RFID), Order-to-Cash, Sales and Operation Planning, Warehouse and Logistics Solutions and Procurement Services.

Services and solutions to address every stage of the value chain


Operating with the right IT solution puts you in an ideal position to deliver more business value through your supply chain. Therefore we aim optimize your global supply chain, holistically, end-to-end, providing  services and solutions to address every stage of the value chain – from production of the raw material, through delivery to the end customer, and including product end-of-life, recycling and or reverse logistics. All of this for your company and for your extended supply chain network and partners.


Rely on Atos, your business technologists. We will help you reap the business value, modeled by business analysts and consultants, via process optimisation and by realising the product promises from your technology vendors.


Atos bridges that gap with our commitment and experience built up over many manufacturing projects combined with our long-standing technology and industry expertise. 

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