ERP Consolidation and Harmonisation

Atos ERP Consolidation and Harmonization

The Burning Question:
Can you use technology to identify and multiply best business processes?

Business simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” as Leonardo da Vinci once said. Your business and technology are growing every day in complexity – and the gap between your applications and dynamic processes is also widening continually. How are you going to turn consolidation into a sophisticated strategy not just to drive cost out of IT – but to use IT to improve business results? Consolidation and Harmonisation is a full-cycle solution from Atos – spanning consulting, system integration and ongoing management as required – that radically changes the consolidation game to date. Whereas conventional market approaches either waste time and money in reinventing the wheel by targeting new processes, or generate fresh complexity by forcing new infrastructure paradigms – we go about it differently. Atos will focus on your application layer in a pragmatic, economical and systematic manner – using software as the mirror to see how business really uses and needs IT. Taking the risk, expense and time out of traditional consolidation projects, we help you identify the best corporate process for each function across your distributed landscape. Don’t just cut down system complexity – analyse system usage to roll out best existing processes.

Simplify or die

Many organisations – for example in the manufacturing arena – must continue to grow globally or cease existing. Yet the very process of growth itself – organic or through acquisition – results in complexity that counteracts economy of scale. What’s at stake right now in the consolidation game is your organisational ability to think clearly and make the best decisions based on a fully aligned business and technology environment.

The difference

Atos has always taken a different approach to this complex challenge. That’s because our way of Consolidation and Harmonisation was largely refined inside the working environment of the world’s largest engineering network. Global projects at Siemens and other major icons with presence in over 190 countries have taught us valuable lessons in cost, time and risk effectiveness. Unlike other providers, we focus on your real-world application usage and – deploying tools such as Reverse Business Engineering – mirror that back on a process level to template and roll out best existing practices. We consolidate and harmonise the best of what you’ve already got.

Sector intimacy

Atos is a mature global partner in Consolidation and Harmonisation, without a software agenda for your landscape but with a deep prior knowledge of business process sector to sector. We excel at system integration across SAP, Simatic, Teamcentre and other technologies – but unlike the makers of those technologies we are completely free to focus on your process needs and sector specifics. We use a unique sophisticated toolbox including our Project Management Framework with tried and tested playbooks, RBE Plus for reverse business engineering, our LIVE Tool family for rule-based requirements analysis and process modeling, our Atos Transition Tools for reliable data transition and our IMS Issue Management System to globally manage complex support processes. Our global teams cover 20 cultures and are experienced in 90 countries. Our clients include leading names in global engineering, automotive, telecommunication, technology, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, biotech and many other arenas.

Realised outcomes

There are two kinds of tangible benefit when you consolidate and harmonise with Atos. First of all, your integration project is measurable – swifter in execution, limited in risk, reduced in expense. Our real-world understanding of how sector processes interact with technology landscapes simplifies what can often amount to highly involved and interdependent projects. Secondly, you benefit from the net outcomes of such a project – in the form of technology economy, lower operational costs, process optimisation, global conformity without surrendering competitive diversity – and a more manageable enterprise as you continue to evolve and grow.

Making it real

In the right hands, Consolidation and Harmonisation can yield very attractive results – between 10 and 50% of IT costs, between 10 and 60% of data centre operation costs, between 20 and 70% of application management costs removed from your environment. Along with harmonisation levels reaching 90% and rollout complete within 18 weeks, these are impressive numbers way beyond the CIO desk. Our customers are also realising that the same scientific method of investigating application usage for best process identification can work just as effectively with global core processes as support ones. And of course, with Atos, Consolidation and Harmonisation can be very effectively extended with managed services, virtualisation and proven cloud architectures. The horizon is clear – once you see that real consolidation is not about blue sky thinking but about understanding what you’re already very good at. With a business technologist like Atos purely focused on your sector needs that becomes not only possible but realistic.

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