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From Green to Growth with Enterprise Sustainability

Enterprise Sustainability for Manufacturing is not just about the ‘green agenda’. Nor is it purely related to Corporate Social Responsibility or branding. Instead, we at Atos are convinced that ambitious manufacturers are and will increasingly use sustainability excellence to drive competitive advantage and growth.

Commitment to sustainability will cut cost, through better use of energy and other resources. It will also improve risk reduction and prevention across complex value chains, strengthen brand image and improve employee satisfaction – to name just a few of the outcomes that help safeguard a company’s future.

Delivering multiple benefits now and in the future


The Atos sustainability vision is a manufacturing-focused strategy to deliver measurable business benefits through four key components with Strategic Information Management at its heart:


  • Operational excellence
  • People, safety & product compliance
  • Risk and Reputation
  • Business IT infrastructure.

Our Enterprise Sustainability portfolio logically connects with, and in many cases is embedded, into our manufacturing solutions such as, PLM, MES and ERP.


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World-class sustainability know-how


As acknowledged leader in sustainability performance, our strategy and solutions are based on direct experience and commitment. Examples being:


  • Atos is part of the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Atos achieved the highest possible rating of A+ from GRI in 2014, for the fourth year in a row
  • Lessons learned in our own Corporate Responsibility Program are now leveraged for our Enterprise Sustainability portfolio: our green data centers, for example, are optimized for low energy use and reduced emissions, and we now offer these services to all clients
  • We have been awarded the SAP Pinnacle award for sustainability excellence in 2012 & 2013.

Partnering with Atos


Enterprise Sustainability is not an optional extra for successful manufacturing strategies. It needs to be built into every aspect of business-as-usual.

Working with Atos you can start to unlock measurable benefits now, moving further and faster on your journey towards true long-term excellence in sustainability.

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SAP® Pinnacle Award recipient 2013



Atos implements SAP® Sustainability Performance Management to improve the quality of reporting of its corporate responsibility performance indicators



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