Application Management for Manufacturing


Faster, smoother, more responsive applications for a challenging world


We recognise the extraordinary challenges that manufacturers are facing today, as they embrace global working, mass-customisation, integrated manufacturing, improved sustainability performance, and faster time to market.

Yet they can only make changes as fast as their IT environments allow, and that’s where problems can arise. Most large manufacturers have complex applications estates, which have grown up in an ad hoc way over many years, with plenty of point solutions and a great deal of duplication. Before making strategic business changes, they need to simplify, rationalise and integrate. And it’s not just about business IT: complexity on the factory floor can be as much as five times greater, so simply quantifying and understanding what needs to be done can be a massive challenge: that’s where the Atos Right-Fit Application Management approach can make all the difference.

Our Right-Fit Application Management approach breaks away from the outdated siloed treatment of applications. Instead it integrates them,creating new and more adaptable service and delivery models that drive efficiency across the manufacturer’s organisation. The result is anorganisation fine-tuned for speed and agility, able to focus on market challenges while we take care of the technology that enables change.

Atos Right-Fit Application Management uses standardised building blocks to provide the foundation for every solution:

  • First, our Foundation Application Management services provide core application support and maintenance functions. Through our optional Application Operation services we can also continually monitor usageand tune application performance.
  • Second, we build on this comprehensive portfolio of core services with transformational business-enabling Application Management, which changes your application landscape into a rationalised, standardised, and more efficient structure. Transformational business-enabling Application Management rationalises, simplifies and standardises your application landscape.
  • Third, our manufacturing-specific, vertical Application Management approach creates transformational solutions for competitive advantage and commercial flexibility.

Right-Fit Application Management uses our SureSource Distributed Delivery model, offering the optimum balance of delivery resources, blending on-shore, near-shore and off-shore working with common processes and tools to provide seamless delivery.

Take your first step towards higher efficiency and better-integrated processes with an Application Management assessment. To find out more, contact us and start your journey to more efficient, integrated manufacturing now.

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