Factory of the Future

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Next generation Manufacturing

A new generation of Manufacturers are upon us. Manufacturers whose operations are integrated end-to-end; Manufacturers who fully embrace and implement digital solutions and the industry 4.0 imperative; Manufacturers who can maximise yield, operate with zero line stoppages and launch new products with ease. This new generation of Manufacturers are operating a Factory of the Future and they are doing it now.

The Industry 4.0 challenge

Factories of the Future will operate with all Machines, Applications, People and Enterprises digitally connected end-to-end delivering the most efficient, scalable and cost effective manufacturing possible. How is this possible? With the help of Atos and our Manufacturing specific expertise.

Position Paper: Factory of the Future

As part of our commitment to Manufacturing we’ve curated the latest industry insight and thought leadership in our ‘Factory of the Future’ position paper. The Position Paper explores the key trends and drivers influencing manufacturers as they look towards securing competitive advantage and the future of their organisations. You can download the position paper using the link on the right hand side of this page.

Solutions for Digital Manufacturing

At Atos a focus on the Factory of the Future underpins every engagement with our manufacturing clients. The Atos “Factory of the Future” suite of solutions enable our clients to meet their challenges head on and focus on key digital initiatives such as improving connectivity, reducing complexity, harnessing innovation, increasing sustainability, building customer centricity and operating a truly global plant floor. Out Factory of the Future suite comprises:



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