Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

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Meeting Process Manufacturing’s digital challenge

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are under pressure. The rising cost of raw materials and energy, intense concerns about food safety and quality, volatile consumer behaviour, tight margins, and fierce competition are threatening success.

Digital Transformation for Process Manufacturers

Effective manufacturing is key to meeting these threats head on. In the digital age, manufacturing needs to be dynamic, moving away from traditional point solutions designed to solve single shop floor issues to focus on how complex manufacturing systems can work together to deliver success. It is time for manufacturers to implement an integrated, end-to-end, digital strategy.

Dealing with Industry 4.0

A focused and well thought through Factory of the Future strategy can deliver amazing opportunities for CPG manufacturers:

  • Greater visibility and control of all production processes and the supply chain
  • More efficient, scalable, and cost effective manufacturing operations
  • Better demand prediction; dynamically altering plans and managing production
  • Increased accuracy of product labelling and code identification to cut waste and save cost
  • Reduction in costly line stoppages and disruptions
  • Increased understanding of, and speed of response to, changing consumer behaviour
  • Faster new product launches across all markets

From global supply to real-time operations and execution, from product quality and service innovation to market growth and customer experience, from collaborative engineering to standards compliance and accurate labelling, end-to-end digital integration will determine success.

Atos in CPG

Atos help CPG clients across sectors and geographies with strategy, road-mapping, technology implementation and on-going support through our “Factory of the Future” suite of solutions to significantly reduce the complexity of the IT landscape and improve the responsiveness and agility of IT and Manufacturing.

Atos support many of the world’s leading CPG manufacturing organisations and our proven CPG expertise comes with an extended team of business technologists, referenceable clients and European CPG centres of excellence.


For instance, we have worked with 2 Sisters Food Group (formerly Northern Foods) since 2009 on a range of projects to drive real strategic value for them. In this video Ferenc Vezer, CIO of 2 Sisters Food Group, and Simon Culshaw, Head of Private Sector SI discuss this relationship with Henry Anson of The Manufacturer outlining how it has developed since the two organisations started working together, and how it will continue to grow for the future.

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*Gartner Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing, Services, by Gianluca Tramacere, Glaudio Da Rold, Ian Marriott. 14 August 2013


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