Meeting Automotive’s digital challenges head on

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound disruption of what has up until now been considered a highly mature and stable industry. This disruption has been borne from the rapid and pervasive adoption by customers and suppliers of new digital ways of communicating, interacting and operating across the entire value chain.

Digital Transformation for Automotive

Digital disruption is also transforming the primary product – the vehicle – as drivers and operators require new services and capabilities. Digital has changed the channels to market, and put much greater power in the customer’s hands through the increased transparency provided by web and mobile technologies. Digital is reimagining the engineering of cars, both by adding more technologies but also by using data to inform engineering choices and the manufacturing process as a whole.

New digital manufacturing

This new digital world presents a number of key challenges and opportunities for automotive organisations:

  • How best to use digital solutions and technologies to drive a ‘Factory of the Future’ that ensures effective, efficient and optimised manufacturing at a competitive cost.
  • How to properly understand and leverage customer behaviour, big data, and the use of analytics to uncover and exploit new revenue streams.
  • How to go about reinventing business models and the way things are done, with digital technologies at the heart, to perfect the value chain from end-to-end.

Atos in Automotive

Atos help automotive clients across sectors and geographies with strategy, road-mapping, technology implementation and on-going support through our “Factory of the Future” suite of solutions to significantly reduce the complexity of the IT landscape and improve the responsiveness and agility of IT and Manufacturing.

Atos support many of the world’s leading Automotive manufacturing organisations and our proven automotive expertise comes with an extended team of business technologists, referenceable clients and European automotive centres of excellence

*Gartner Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing, Services, by Gianluca Tramacere, Glaudio Da Rold, Ian Marriott. 14 August 2013

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