Digital Business Resilience

Digital business resilience for insurance

Rising to the challenge

Competition from new entrants and rising consumer expectations are just some of the factors forcing insurance companies to make the transition to a fully digitised business.


Your digital business must now be effective 24 hours a day, all year round, to survive and thrive. Yet the path to total digitisation in insurance is challenging. It demands business resilience on a new level. It must be fully considered across the enterprise, fully connected and fully compliant.


Without complete business resilience, even a minor interruption to your service is likely to impact the reputation, trust, innovation and profits of your business.

Resilience built in

Atos has partnered with Daisy Group to create Digital Business Resilience for Insurance. This unique set of services will ensure business resilience is built in to the very fabric of your digital enterprise.

Combining Atos and Daisy Group's expertise in innovative digital resilience services with Atos' expertise in delivering digital transformation in financial services, you will achieve:

  • Increased flexibility to exploit immediate market opportunities.
  • Greater certainty that people, processes and systems are protected.
  • The agility to recover smoothly and quickly from significant business interruption.

Robust services

In a more demanding digital era, Atos and Daisy Group transform historically fragmented resilience arrangements.  So you benefit from a holistic methodology and have access to a tailored set of integrated digital business resilience services.

Atos Information Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting (IGRC) professionals work with insurance firms to:

  • Develop recommendations based on a forensic audit of prevailing resilience arrangements, benchmarked against client-specific or industry benchmarks.
  • Provide a road map with options and investment cases, so that time-to-value can be readily measured and tracked through implementation.
  • Execute Proofs of Value through live instances and service tests.
  • Implement required business, process, governance and technology changes with teams of professionals with the specific insight, skill and expertise required.

Atos' personal approach builds trust with the key executives impacted by the threat of business interruption, promoting fuller adoption and promoting the right business outcomes.

In partnership with Daisy Group we bring you:  

Flexible business capacity

Respond to immediate opportunities with fast access to extra works pace with guaranteed access to:

  • Operations centres in 18 strategic locations around the UK.
  • Employee access to 8,500 ready-provisioned office seats.
  • Desktop PC, networked internet and call centre telephony.
  • Meeting rooms and next generation technical environments.

Disaster recovery

Recover from major interruption without compromising compliance using a single portal for:


  • Defining a consistent backup policy for all systems.
  • Access to on-premise, privately-hosted apps and public cloud platforms.
  • Active archiving to keep recovered and replicated data to minimum.
  • The option of real-time replication of virtual or physical servers.

Fully-dedicated work area recovery

Provide an offsite workplace that is available to your employees at any time and benefit from:


  • 200 seats available at any time across 18 UK sites.
  • A 100%-dedicated work area.
  • Replicated mission-critical systems.
  • An ultra-resilient third datacentre for continuous availability.
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