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Leveraging digital in a changing Insurance landscape

Insurance has traditionally been a conservative market. Now, however, customers are looking for ways of doing business that fit in with their own lifestyle choices. They purchase via laptop, tablet and mobile phone, as well as via the more traditional outlets. In some areas of insurance, purchasing online is already the single most popular form of interaction; even where customers don’t make a purchase, they use online to research and compare their options.

The digital customer is a market segment of one, with a total belief in the ‘Internet of Me’. As a result, traditional approaches to customer segmentation no longer apply.

In other sectors, customer experience has been redefined by organisations such as Spotify, Amazon and other new, bold and creative digital ventures. The new, digital native players know the stakes and the rules. Traditional insurance companies that don’t learn fast will quickly find themselves out of the game.

How we help our clients

Atos is an expert in new media, multi-channel access and the operational platforms needed to support innovative, customer-driven services, while ensuring that they are precisely tailored to the required conditions of each national market. With offerings that include Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCXT), we can design and deliver platforms that enable customer self-service, comply with local regulations, take your targeted products to market faster and build intimacy and loyalty.

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Atos leadership in insurance delivering in an uncertain world

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