Business Reinvention

The business value of data

Building digital (which increasingly means mobile too) into the DNA of the business is the single most important goal of reinvention. Finance is data. And the successful insurance business will be the business that best collects, manages, analyses and understands that data, and uses it to enable its customers to achieve their financial goals.

It’s a challenge. New players operate around business and technical models that were designed for the new digital age. Traditional operators work with business models and technology created for slower, less customer-focused offline times. Their information is frequently siloed by business unit or by touchpoint, with little or no hope of analysis or of presenting an all-round view.

To compete, established firms need to start thinking like the new, more agile competition, supported by a new business model that isn’t hindered by the existing business.

How we help our clients

Atos has a fresh and independent perspective, founded on award winning delivery. Our solution capabilities deliver sustainable competitive advantage, improved profitability, transfer operational efficiency and improve control and reduced business risk to our clients.

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 Agility in the Financial Sector through Virtualisation

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