A new vision for the insurance sector

The last decade has seen change that is literally unprecedented in its scale and speed – although much of this is coming from market disruptors.  Traditionally, insurance is a risk-averse industry, not known for being fast-moving and agile. To survive and thrive in this new reality of continual disruption, insurers need to make accelerated innovation central to their thinking.


Reputation, brand and improving customer intimacy are top concerns of insurers today.  Now Insurance from Atos will helps steer the digital journey to becoming a more customer-centric, connected insurer.

Vision for Insurance


Our new opinion piece ‘Vision for Insurance’ looks at the disruption the sector is experiencing and shares a vision around how insurers need to transform to move ahead of the competition. Download ‘Vision for Insurance’ Opinion Piece >>

Reinventing Insurance


For all lines of business, the next decade will be defined by increasing connectivity and growing volumes of data. New players with innovative new business models and insurance products and services will emerge, some disrupting traditional distribution models.  Find out more about Atos’ business reinvention solutions for Insurance >>

Rethinking customer experience for tomorrow’s insurer


The new digital era is putting pressure on both life and pensions (L&P) and property and casualty (P&C) insurers. Customer experience needs to be mobile and digital by default. Insurers are, however, lagging behind when it comes to the mobile experience.
Find out more about Atos’ customer experience solutions for Insurance >>

Tackling Trust & Compliance in the accelerated digital age


Insurance companies must take steps to ensure they’re compliant with intensifying consumer protection legislation. New cyber-risks and the ‘cloudification’ of IT mean insurance companies need to rapidly adopt new security technologies to ensure proper data and consumer protection.  Find out more about Atos’ trust & compliance solutions for Insurance >>

Operational excellence is no longer optional


Insurance companies are adopting technological solutions to automate and increase the accuracy of the underwriting process, support variable pricing, help maximize the efficacy of scarce underwriting resources and increase direct sales. But this is not enough.  Find out more about Atos’ operational excellence solutions for Insurance >>

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