Atos SAP4Healthcare

SAP4Healthcare puts information into the hands of medical professionals, enabling them to analyse, interpret, adapt and make informed decisions on patient care

With SAP4Healthcare you’ll be able to make greater use of the resources you already have, supporting proactive care with better scheduling and treatment planning, bringing together previously separate teams to dramatically reduce costs, errors and inefficiencies.

SAP4Healthcare can:

  • Connect registration, scheduling and budget management
  • Provide a secure platform to help healthcare teams collaborate and plan healthcare pathways
  • Reduce costs without impacting on service levels
  • Unify healthcare, social care and continuing care
  • Shorten patient turnaround and reduce waiting lists
  • Create a single, accurate source of patient, referrer and provider information
    Support predictive care decisions
  • Reduce errors and misdiagnosis
  • Free frontline staff from excessive administration

Transforming healthcare worldwide

SAP4Healthcare has been deployed to over 1,100 hospitals across the globe, providing a transparent, adaptive management system for the secure handling of patient records from the point of engagement right through to on going care and liaison with other agencies. This ensures that the information is consistent and accessible throughout the entire healthcare pathway, seamlessly connecting your teams no matter how lengthy or complex the treatment. By connecting business information, clinical, resource and patient management you can realize cross-organizational efficiencies, lowering administrative and medical costs without impacting on the quality of care.

An experienced SAP partner

Our consulting approach starts by defining your objectives before creating a roadmap for change that will take you through a series of flexible steps at a pace that suits your expectations, culture and budget. Having gained a thorough understanding of your needs we will design an SAP platform that is efficient, modern, secure and future-proof to act as the foundation for improvement across your entire healthcare ecosystem.

We are one of only three Global Value Added Resellers for SAP and our informed approach specifically addresses the challenges of hospitals and care centers, making us one of the only integrators that can deliver the full range of SAP’s healthcare solutions and upgrades. As a member of Europe’s foremost data protection associations and a leader in secure storage, our robust, seamless SAP technology will move information through your systems effectively whilst our cyber security excellence will prevent internal or external leaks.

For patient administration and budget management

  • Achieve greater patient throughput via planning based on medical and commercial priorities
  • Gain insight into demand and resource availability to maximize efficiency
  • Enable staff to spend more time with patients while capturing critical medical and administrative data
  • Ensure full and accurate reimbursement for all services delivered
  • Provide correct management of claims to relevant bodies

For patient relationship management

  • Log and understand patient needs and preferences more efficiently
  • Enhance patient services as well as ensure more coordinated appointment planning
  • Gain greater visibility of staff schedules to reduce wait times
  • Tailor patient communications and create new revenue streams via targeted marketing

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