Patient E-Communications

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In the UK it is relatively slow and expensive to send letters via the post.



Atos enables traditional letter-based communication from an organisation to the public or a patient, to be digitised and available for viewing through an internet browser. A central reduced cost letter-based delivery is the fall-back option in the event of the patient either not opting for the digital communication or not picking up the digital communication within a defined period of time.





  • More timely and accurate delivery of patient communication
  • Provision of “person centered” communication
  • The provision of “choice”: patients can opt-in (self-register)
  • Improved patient safety through the provision of an end-to-end audit trail of all patient eCommunication
  • Empowers patients to take responsibility for keeping their eCommunication data up-to-date


NHS Staff

  • Delivers faster and more effective means of communicating with patients
  • Provides a standard approach to delivery of patient eCommunication
  • Improved collaboration between patients, staff and services e.g. enable patients to e-communicate with hospital departments/services if they cannot attend an appointment
  • Enables and supports the development of better relationships between NHS staff, patients, and carers
  • Helps staff to better manage their out-patient and in-patient Did Not Attend (DNA) rates.



At the Scotland level, estimated to be £5m pa to mail and postal costs.

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