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Digital transformation will enable healthcare organisations to do more with less by empowering the patient in a model tailored to individual needs

Major digital and technological innovations have led to fundamental changes in citizens’ attitudes to healthcare, relationships between providers and suppliers, and the need for collaboration across healthcare ecosystems.

Produced by our Ascent Thought Leadership community, this Market View paper considers the key challenges that healthcare organisations facie across four themes:


  • Customer Experience – enabling citizens to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and make informed choices about their healthcare
  • Business Reinvention – reorganising current healthcare delivery models to support greater collaboration and data sharing between healthcare providers, social care providers, suppliers, and central and local authorities
  • Operational Excellence – making the most of available resources and expertise by providing integrated care across all services and stakeholders, from citizen to professional
  • Trust and Compliance – providing guaranteed availability and quality of healthcare provision, protected from known and emerging threats at all times and across both the physical and virtual worlds.

It also explores the key enablers that will help healthcare providers to achieve their future vision, including 3D printing, augmented reality, Internet of Things, and advanced data visualisation. 


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Download our Market Views - Healthcare Report

Download our Market Views - Healthcare Report


Download our Market Views - Healthcare Report  >>

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