Evidian Single Sign On

Evidian Enterprise Single Sign On

The benefits of Single Sign On are significant – as many hospitals are discovering.

Clinicians and administrators need access to a growing number of applications. Re-entering and renewing different passwords can quickly turn into a drain on staff time and energy, as well as helpdesk resources.

At the same time, as digital transformation progresses, any NHS Trust’s staff, patients and partners need to trust that their data is being held and used properly and safely. In a busy hospital environment, working practices must be flexible, staff need to delegate and share tasks – and managers need to know that security protocols are being adhered to.

That’s where Evidian Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) comes in. By giving staff a single sign-on to any application they need, you instantly and automatically:


  • Make staff’s lives simpler and improve their day-to-day experience by removing an admin headache
  • Optimise your costs by reducing the burden on IT support and cutting calls to the help desk by up to 30%*
  • Protect patient safety and confidentiality by assuring the right identity with the right privileges at the right time
  • Save time with 15 minutes a day per clinician* that can be diverted to higher-value tasks and – most importantly – to patient care
  • Reinforce your security policy automatically and benefit from a hospital-wide audit trail
  • Comply with laws and regulations like the NHS Code of Conduct, Data Protection Act and privacy laws.

Enterprise SSO is agile because users can share generic accounts and securely delegate access when they’re away – even remotely. Users need never reveal their passwords and are audited by name.


Return on investment is rapid. Enterprise SSO leverages your existing IT infrastructure and is installed non-intrusively without additional hardware to your data centre.

“Single Sign On has been so popular with staff that they are actually requesting to be signed up…It will also make our job easier as we start to deal less and less with password-related problems. We expect it to cut IT helpdesk password calls by around 70%.”

Steve Nicholson, IT Services Manager, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

*Ponemon Institute survey: “How Single Sign-On Is Changing Healthcare”


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