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eHealth Solutions for Scotland - NHSScotland’s IT services partners for Health and Social Care

In Scotland, Atos, IBM and Sopra Group work together to provide NHSScotland with the ultimate team, fit to support the Scottish health service of the future. We provide a number of IT services and solutions for NHSScotland, including the National Patient Register, ePharmacy, Emergency Case Summary and the National NHSScotland IT Service Desk.

This brochure looks more closely at our partnership approach to working with NHSScotland and what this entails. We have a proven methodology of “Design, Build, Operate”, which allows us to work with NHSScotland to design new business processes, use the latest technology to build the systems that support them, and deploy them through project and service management.

Download our brochure to find out more about how we work together to provide eHealth services that support all NHSScotland organisations in improving patient care for the people of Scotland.

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Enhancing patient care for the people of Scotland


View Enhancing patient care for the people of Scotland Brochure >>

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