End-to-end cyber security

Healthcare End-to-End Cyber Security

Protecting patients, employees and organisations

The potential damage from a cyber security breach is significant – especially if patient data reaches the public domain.

Every health organisation’s patients, employees and partners need to trust that their data is being used appropriately and safely. Security breaches impact the safe delivery of patient care, and if clinical information is involved,  scrutiny only intensifies and heightens the risk of reputational and financial damage.

Public confidence has already been tested, with the leaking of around 800 patients’ details by a London clinic in the headlines again in 2016 with the news of a heavy fine of £180,000. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was fined £185,000 for leaking staff details online. In 2015 came the revelation that NHS-accredited health apps leak data that could be used for fraud.

More hostile threats have also become realities, with the recent Ransomware attacks on two county councils in the UK and on hospitals in the US and Germany.

To keep pace, the regulatory environment is getting tougher with the likelihood of mandatory breach reporting within the EU and greater financial sanctions for non-compliance.

Staying ahead of the game is a challenge for any NHS trust or other healthcare organisation – especially when resources are squeezed. You need cost-effective cyber-security solutions that deal with evolving threats while reducing the barriers to people accessing the tools and data they need. Approaches that were effective in the past may no longer be enough to protect you.

Atos’ cyber security experts work with Trusts and other organisations to identify cyber security risks and how these should be managed.

Our security experts can help you assess your vulnerabilities and target your resources where they are needed most. We can support you to meet NHS Information Governance requirements and pre-empt attacks to keep your systems safe.


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