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The journey for the development of Electronic Document Management (EDM) in health started several years ago, born out of the requirement to improve the access to medical records for hospital clinicians. Since then it has progressed to incorporate data entry with e-Forms and workflow functionality, thus defining it as a form of Electronic Health Record, augmented by real time updates of patient data from multiple hospital information systems, for example: PAS, PACS, Maternity and Accident & Emergency applications. In its simplest form EDM in healthcare removes paper medical records and replaces them with electronic imagery.

Atos is able to provide the end to end solution engaging with best in class partner software provided by Fortrus.

Mobius - the application that clinicians will see on their desktop, bringing together all the underlying technology and information into a single easy-to-navigate clinician portal.

Our implementation and delivery services bring specific and highly relevant experience from similar projects.

What Benefits does EDM bring?

EDM provides secure storage and retrieval of documents. Robust processes and fail-proof record tracking to ensure that records in transition through the scanning, indexing and restructuring processes can be safely recovered with minimal delay should they be required in an emergency. Other benefits include:


  • An overall return on investment of 15:1 for a typical EDM deployment.
  • A significant reduction in the currently high levels of administrative effort for filing, tracking and paper records retrieval.
  • An estimated 70% reduction in health records storage space;
  • The provision of simultaneous 24/7 access to clinicians, to patient health records irrespective of location across Trust premises.
  • Clinicians have a fuller picture of patient medical history through the provision of access to information across multiple systems;
  • The electronic capture and presentation of patient clinical information from multiple Trust clinical systems.
  • Improved multi-disciplinary access to information helps improve patient care and reduce risks.
  • The re-profiling of existing Medical records departments and associated savings in terms of estates costs.
  • The existing medical records tracking computer system would be decommissioned, avoiding software usage, maintenance and support costs.
  • Lower usage of paper and associated costs through direct data entry using e-Forms.

We have extensive and deep experience of delivering administrative and clinical systems across the UK Health Market.

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