Digital Vision for London - Health


Digital technology will power healthcare provision in tomorrow’s cities, fuelled by devolved political authority, retail innovation, and public and private sector collaboration.

As part of this collection of thought leadership pieces written by industry experts and business technologists, Elaine Bennett looks specifically at the impact of digital and technological innovations on the future of healthcare, looking at topics such as:


  • Enabling citizens to monitor their own health and well-being
  • Providing integrated systems to empower patients, carers and providers to make the right decisions
  • Using real-time data and analytics to identify risk and deliver proactive, personalised care.

This collection also includes articles looking at how digital and technology can support better public services across the wider public sector, including emergency services, local government leadership and transport. It includes pieces from organisations such as Google, Business Services Association, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SOCITM, Policy Exchange, the Smart London Board and Atos UK & Ireland.

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Digital Vision for London Report


View our Digital Vision for London Report >>

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