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Connected World, Connected Care – a vision for 2020 - White Paper

The National Information Board has encapsulated a powerful vision for 2020 in which data and technology are harnessed to transform the quality of care and reduce the cost of delivering health and care services to the citizens who need them.

Atos believes strongly in this vision and the proposals set out by the National Information Board for the NHS in England. We believe the proposals are ambitious – and they need to be. Becoming digital, in collaboration with clinicians, citizens and providers, is a critical enabler for the NHS to meet the unprecedented challenges it now faces.

In response, this document sets out Atos’ vision of Connected Care and plots the key digital enablers we believe are vital to deliver this vision for 2020. We’ve focused these digital enablers around five key technology themes: Cloud for Health; Customer Experience and Digital Workforce; Governance, Risk and Compliance; Digital Value Chain and OperatingModel; Analytics. This document explores those themes and how they relate to the service outcomes and business planning priorities for any organisation in the health economy.

A key challenge for 2015 will be for organisations to understand their own digital maturity and develop digital transformation strategies and roadmaps that set out their journey to 2020. These will involve a blend of niche technologies and more industrial-scale change. In many cases, technologies already exist. A range of digital solutions are ready for implementation if there are corresponding cultural and organisational shifts in the healthcare system and society – and the confidence and appetite to make change happen. We understand the intense pressures NHS organisations are under, with increased demand, the need for seven-day services, and already-stretched resources. Radical thinking will be needed, with a willingness to learn from successful digital transformation in other sectors.

Atos looks forward to these challenges and to sharing our insights and experience in health and adjacent sectors. We are committed to making a significant contribution to empowering citizens and health professionals, advancing innovations in healthcare, and building public trust in high-quality best-value health services for every citizen who needs them.

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Connected World, Connected Care – a vision for 2020 - White Paper

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