Deployment Project Management

Atos Deployment Project Management


Atos Healthcare provides Electronic Patient Record systems deployment expertise to NHS trusts, particularly in the areas of IT implementation, programme management and business transformation.

We focus on delivering sustainable, assured and safe deployment on time – and we have an excellent service delivery record in the trusts where we have worked.

Our fully managed service covers the following key areas:


  • Programme and project management
  • Change, transformation and clinical management
  • Choose and Book
  • Specialist technical deployment skill sets, such as data migration, testing and configuration.

We are experienced at working within the complex dynamics between a trust's Executive Board, the Strategic Health Authority, IT suppliers and local service providers. Our team work as honest brokers for all parties, helping to resolve conflict arising from different operational and performance targets and drivers for change.

In exceptional circumstances, where a local trust is experiencing critical capacity and capability issues, members of our team have fulfilled NHS deployment roles on behalf of the trust.

Related competencies include:

NPfIT Programme Deployment

Atos Healthcare has worked with NPfIT to deploy Choose and Book - bringing Business Change and IT Deployment skill sets along with specialist technical and training skills. This allows both primary and secondary care settings to deploy Choose and Book, and then improve its uptake.

Legacy System Integration

We can solve deployment problems with solutions that cover System Integration, NHS Clinical/ Operational, and Business Change and Transformation – giving trusts the ability to take advantage of their legacy and new systems.

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