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The NHS is the most important client in Atos. Over the years, we have worked with numerous organisations including DH, NHS SHAs, Acute / Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Services and commissioning organisations in England and Scotland. Our work spans across the whole of the health and social care system and brings together transformational, Health IT and managed operations capabilities.

Our transformation approach is a proven whole system methodology, used successfully with a number of NHS clients in both commissioning and provider organisations. It has been deployed to transform performance using various tools and techniques such as Lean, to design and implement innovative service delivery solutions to enhance patient care whilst reducing costs. The approach focuses heavily on staff and clinical engagement, as well as involvement of wider health economy stakeholders, as key levers for making sustainable change.

Our transformational work with the NHS spans across a wide range of capabilities;


  • Cost improvement programmes linked to delivery of QIPP and the FT application process such as development of Integrated Business Plan (IBP) and Long Term Financial Model (LTFM)
  • Working with providers and commissioners to provide more integrated care models
  • Strategy development and major patient pathway redesign such as urgent care and paediatric
  • Whole hospital transformation programmes including the integration of community services
  • Community services reviews, service redesign and implementation of new working models, e.g. community nursing
  • Setting up Commissioning Support Organisations (CSO) to provide service to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and other regional care providers
  • Implementation of workforce efficiency programmes
  • Demand and Capacity Planning applications
  • Training and coaching from Board to front line staff in a variety of skills and techniques

Our Health IT capabilities focus on information management and technology, used either within a transformation journey and/or deployed in isolation depending on the business priorities. They include the following areas;


  • The development of information management and technology investment strategies to support provider and commissioner organisations achieve their business priorities
  • IM&T investment case advice and development including strategic fit, benefits quantification and demonstration of value to the business, risk management and achievability/implementation
  • Review of IM&T organisations and the development of action plans for service improvement and value enhancement/IT cost savings
  • Project and programme management advisory, delivery and review
  • Support in the implementation of complex, enterprise-wide clinical information systems
  • The development and implementation of provider and commissioner performance reporting and business intelligence solutions.
  • The implementation of Electronic Document Management (EDM) to enable better care management processes whilst reducing significant costs
  • CIO advisory and delivery – adoption of new ways of provisioning business-IT services, the range of products include enterprise architecture, mergers and acquisitions, cloud adoption/strategy, mobile working technologies and on-line transactions.

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Atos communicating your vision for the future

Communicating your vision for the future - Case study

What’s in a Rich Picture future-When Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust wanted to communicate its vision of the future in a way that was inclusive and compelling, it commissioned a Rich Picture.

A wonderfully detailed and business-oriented illustration of everything needed to take the Trust, its staff and its customers into the future together. Read more about Communicating your vision for the future - Case study >>




Atos achievinglean and healthy transformation

Achieving Lean and Healthy Transformation - Fact sheet

The Lean approach to business transformation has now been piloted, tested and proven in a wide variety of healthcare scenarios.

Atos has brought Lean benefits to care pathways in hospitals, to functional areas in Acute Trusts and Primary Care Trusts, and at the strategic level, to entire Scottish Health Boards. We believe Lean’s approach to eliminating waste whilst embedding a culture of continuous improvement offers the UK health economy real opportunities to fulfil long-term goals. Read more about Achieving Lean and Healthy Transformation - Factsheet >>


Atos improving patient care in a cost cutting economy

Improving patient care in a cost-cutting economy - Case study

In today’s NHS the overriding challenge is to balance the delivery of high-quality care with the imperative to reduce costs.

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust faces more challenges than most. Serving an ageing population in a relatively deprived area, it operates under huge pressure on services. Read more about Improving patient care in a cost-cutting economy - Casestudy >>


Atos the evolution of lean thinking in the nhs

The evolution of Lean Thinking in the NHS - White Paper

Lean thinking is relatively new to the NHS but it is evolving quickly. It started being used to resolve specific problems in hospitals but it is now being applied across the boundaries of organisations to improve and redesign complex care pathways. Read more about The evolution of Lean Thinking in the NHS - White Paper >>

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