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The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) is a centrally managed primary care data extraction service that will be capable of obtaining information from GP practices across England for specific and approved purposes whilst ensuring patient confidentiality and privacy.

Together with the Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS), GPES will replace and enhance the service currently provided by the Quality Analysis Management System (QMAS). The new systems are required in order to provide the proposed NHS Commissioning Board with a more flexible service in order to deliver current and emerging outcomes data (and any related payments) for GP practices and Clinical Commissioning Groups; these include the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and the proposed Commissioning Outcomes Framework (COF). The resulting service will also have the functionality to support other national or local payment services devised by national or local commissioning arrangements.

What does GPES do?

GPES will provide the data for all nationally sponsored initiatives that require data from GP clinical systems. In addition it will support and enable the Health & Social Care Information Centre’s (HSCIC) role as the single body authorised to conduct national data collections, as required by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

What does Atos offer?

Atos is building GPET-Q (the General Practice Extraction Tool – Query) which has been designed to support the HSCIC Strategy to improve the timely availability of accurate data about Healthcare in England. Through a business language driven interface the system allows users with a broad range of clinical knowledge to build the appropriate data queries which can be executed by GPET-E (the General Practice Extraction Tool – Extract) providers, the GP system suppliers, as part of the overall GPES service.

Our service is integrated with HSCIC National Infrastructure Services to ensure that Information Governance Security rules are appropriately applied to the system. Thereby ensuring that correct and proper access to patient information is managed within the system at all times.

What benefits does GPES bring?

GPES has the potential to improve patient care by collecting and coordinating vital information from across general practice clinical systems in England. By making this information available to the NHS and other approved organisations, GPES can support a diverse range of improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

Potential patient benefits could include:


  • Improving the screening of patients for serious conditions and therefore enabling treatments to be delivered quicker and more efficiently
  • Better patient safety
  • Better visibility of major public health issues (e.g. enabling the NHS to monitor flu outbreaks and deliver services where they are needed); and
  • A greater insight into the uptake of vital medicines.

The partnership of GPES and CQRS may be used to provide data for the calculation of other payments to GPs and clinical commissioning groups. This may also lead to being able to support more complex quality indicators.

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