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A new generation of IT systems is now helping to drive healthcare efficiencies in both the private and public sector. As the systems become ever-more integrated it is essential that the data they contain, process and issue is absolutely accurate – not least because inaccurate data in one IT system is duplicated in every other system that shares it.

Consequently, poor data quality prevents process integration, misinforms healthcare staff and patients, misleads clinical decision makers, and takes far too long to correct.

The key to maintaining high quality data is not simply a matter of ensuring accurate data entry. It depends on ensuring six objectives are always met:


  • Completeness
  • Accuracy
  • Conformity
  • Consistency
  • Integrity
  • Duplication

Atos can identify where poor quality data exists and the impact it is having on your organisation. We can help you build a business case and deliver solutions that minimise human input and error, streamline and guarantee the entire data quality process.

We offer two services to get things started. The first is a data health check, which can reduce the risks associated with integrating data for business intelligence, implementing operational applications or managing master data. The second is a migration readiness check for anyone embarking on a systems integration project:


  • Data Quality Health Check – a 10-day service to identify any data quality issues that you might have and to determine the business value and cost of rectifying them
  • Migration Readiness Health Check – a 15-day service to establish if data issues will cause your project to fail and if so, how to remove that risk

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