Case Study Video – Transforming big data into results

Computational Genomics relies on the availability of Atos high performance computing systems


The role of genomics in health and disease has increased dramatically in recent years, enabled by unprecedented advances in processing power that rivals the human brain.


Globally, researchers are turning to high performance computing technology as a gateway to understanding the pathways that cause disease. For some, every second closer to discovery can mean the difference between life and death.


The National Centre of Genomic Analysis (CNAG) carries out projects in genome analysis that help lead to significant improvements in people’s health and quality of life. As one of Europe’s leading science facilities, CNAG sequences over 800 billion genomic bases every day, aiming to identify a small number of variations that can drive breakthrough insights. As their IT partner, Atos supports CNAG through our high performance computing and analysis platforms.  By eliminating the bottlenecks that often occur in data analysis, our high performance computing technology is enabling an ever-increasing capacity for more accurate health discoveries, transforming big data into results.

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