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Connected World, Connected Care – a vision for 2020 - View our White Paper

The National Information Board has made a compelling case for citizens and healthcare providers to be better served by data and technology. Its paper echoes many of our own insights into the drivers for digital transformation and the challenges of making rapid, radical change. We understand the urgency, and agree that now is the time to move faster and in a co-ordinated way to deliver a new digital future for the NHS by 2020. View our White Paper on the right hand of the page to find out more.


Overview of Atos in Healthcare

We work with all parts of the NHS to transform operations. Our work ranges from wholesale service transformation in the acute sector in England to running key systems such as ePharmacy for NHS Scotland.

With over 1 million patient interventions every day, the NHS has an abundance of data. The value of this data is realised by enabling clinicians to deliver higher quality patient care and by providing patients with greater involvement in their care.

We combine our global IT services capability with a health consulting practice with over 25 years experience of working with health organisations, delivering efficiencies and improving patient outcomes.

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Atos developing and delivering leading edge technology solutions

Developing and delivering-leading-edge technology solutions - Factsheet

Technology solutions for Healthcare - We have been developing and delivering leading-edge technology solutions and support to NHS organisations for over a decade. Our expertise and applications are a central component in many of the services that are transforming the NHS, bringing a wide range of benefits to patients and healthcare professionals alike. Read more about Developing and delivering-leading-edge technology solutions - Factsheet >>

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