Video Case Study - SME Harbour enables identification of vulnerable citizens in South Wales

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Video Case Study - SME Harbour enables identification of vulnerable citizens in South Wales

With the help of the SME Harbour Programme, Atos has enabled five organisations in South Wales to share information and identify vulnerable citizens who may be at risk. Atos has leveraged the specialist data management experience of Infoshare, one of the small and medium sized enterprises from the SME Harbour Programme, to help detect those most at risk in the area.

Blaenau Gwent CBC, Torfaen CBC, Caerphilly CBC, Gwent Police and Aneurin Bevan Health Board all collected data separately, which meant that the response to vulnerable citizens was not properly coordinated and could mean that some citizens were not correctly prioritised.

Infoshare’s data management capability combined with Atos’ experience as a global business technology leader, enabled the delivery of  this ground breaking data initiative.

“The SME Harbour element of the project was really beneficial for us. Infoshare, who Atos brought in, have a fantastic product. Not only that, they brought in an extensive amount of knowledge about public sector data sets and brought this into the workshops and the data quality stream that we carried out. That enabled us to be much further along in terms of the single view and that joined up view of the customer than we would have been able to if we embarked on this alone. The knowledge they brought in was just as important as the actual product itself and I think Atos selected a great partner for us in that”.
Jonathan Pinkney, Regional Project Co-ordinator, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

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