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Atos’s SME Harbour is aimed at encouraging the increased participation of small and medium sized businesses into the projects that Atos are involved in


The Atos SME Harbour programme has been set up to enable a simpler, safe and transparent way for Atos to partner with small and medium sized enterprises.  A key focus is helping SMEs become suppliers to the Public Sector, particularly via Government’s G-Cloud procurement framework. 


Through the programme:


  • We are working with an eco-system of SMEs
  • We are developing unique commercial models that facilitate SMEs and enable them to work with us
  • We are establishing links and relationships with Social and Enterprise bodies that will support access to the vast eco-system of SMEs in the UK


During 2013 Atos commissioned Dunn and Bradstreet to review our supply base and confirm those who are SMEs according to the European definition. This identified that 73% of our total supply base were SMEs and 23% of overall external spend went to SME businesses by this definition.


The harbour initiative is in line with the Coalition Programme for Government which has made a commitment to get full value for money from SME suppliers and set an aspiration that at least 25% of Government spend is flowing to SMEs by the end of Parliament (2015), directly and indirectly through the supply chain.

SME Harbour – benefits to SMEs

The benefits to the SME as part of the programme include:


  • 30 day payment terms
  • Access to Atos’ large and diverse client base
  • Support from our sales teams across a wide range of markets
  • Tailored legal Terms and Conditions to limit risk
  • Advice, information and mentorship
  • Potential to develop out a specific offering and subsequent sales enablement
  • Specialist commercial terms

This list of benefits will continue to develop as the programme matures and will help aid the growth of SME organisations.

SME Harbour – benefits to the client

Atos understands the value of working with SMEs, and the innovation and differentiated approach to projects they bring. The Harbour Programme enables an effective model to harness this innovation and further enable Atos to bring new services and more value to our clients.


The benefits include:


  • Leading edge technology driving maximum process efficiency
  • Reactive, agile and responsive services to ensure operational level business continuity is maintained
  • Specialist business knowledge and practical experience to drive thought leadership and innovation.
  • Up to date information and market awareness (in the given specialist area) – to drive and maintain the Working Group ‘intelligent client’ perspective

“As an SME, it presents a significant challenge to successfully engage with not only the correct SI / channel partner but to continue to maintain a level of success with them. I can say, without hesitation, that Atos have been impressive both with their attitude towards welcoming Infoshare as an innovative SME into their world and to championing Infoshare across the organisation. We have worked hard together to win business and we have been treated as equals throughout. If other large companies adopted the approach that we have experienced with Atos, it is my belief that the Government would significantly increase their ability to reach their 25% SME target to win government business.”  Pamela Cook, Managing Director, Infoshare

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SME Case Study
View the SME Case Study >>

SME Harbour Video Case Study

SME Harbour enables identification of vulnerable citizens in South Wales
SME Harbour enables identification of vulnerable citizens in South Wales >>

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