Transforming service delivery - SIAM White Paper


From product-driven line function to service-driven business enabler

In a climate of “less is more,” the public sector’s approach to seeking out operational efficiencieshas taken on a new urgency. Tasked with being cost conscious while serving citizens well, public sector agencies are expected to be more transparent and accountable in their procurement and sourcing processes, placing the accent on re-evaluating their overall service provision. In addition, initiatives such as the government’s G-cloud,1 the Public Services Network 2 and the Digital Services framework 3 are heralding a new era of flexibility and collaboration and prompting a fundamental mchange in the way the public sector operates.


So how can public sector agencies gain greater agility to enable them to be responsive and adaptable in their operating models? Atos believes that the answer lies in multi-vendor sourcing arrangements that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of government departments. By adopting a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach, public sector agencies can  move away from buying end-to-end services to selecting services, products and technologies, allowing them to better organise and control their suppliers and retained IT organisations. Used effectively, SIAM’s “mix and match” approach can not only free up public sector agencies from vendor lock-ins, but also enable them to procure from smaller suppliers who may offer niche but market-leading products and services. In short, SIAM can introduce process excellence and clear, multi-level governance that can transform public service delivery.


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SIAM White Paper Transforming Service Delivery
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