Case Study – Flexible supplier management for the Post Office

Case Study – Paving the way for effective management of the Post Office’s extensive IT supply chain through a SIAM partnership

As SIAM partner, Atos has taken full responsibility for managing the Post Office’s extensive network of 93 IT suppliers, preparing the ground for a comprehensive new IT service model. The model will enable fast innovative new services in response to changing business demands as well as providing sustainable cost reductions over the next 5 years.

Since separating from the Royal Mail in 2012, the Post Office has been redesigning its business to establish itself as a major provider of financial services. As well as launching new products, the Post Office is modernising operations to improve its efficiency. This resulted in a SIAM partner taking responsibility for transforming the IT supply chain service model. The Post Office business is at the heart of this model, and our innovative approach to business has resulted in the launch of a vast array of new services, including broadening customer interaction with the organisation online.

After extensive planning over a 6 month period, more than 100 Post Office staff were transferred to Atos, completing the first stage of the model transition. Despite the risks involved, effective planning and testing ensured full continuity of service. Already, there is evidence that the model will deliver tangible operational progress in services; there’s a significant improvement in user experience and monthly cost savings. There is also expected to be an improvement in the decision making capability of the Post Office which is aided by regular meetings with Atos managers to help them understand the SIAM strategy.

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Flexible supplier management for service improvements-Post Office

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