RM1054 - Technology Products framework

For all local, central government and wider public sector ICT hardware needs look no further, Atos has the solution for you.

Overview - RM1054 – Technology Products*

The Technology Products Framework was developed to meet the commodity hardware and software requirements of the public sector. Designed to meet the aims of the central government and local government ICT strategies, the requirements of all customers were captured and incorporated.

Under Lot 1, hardware solutions are procured. The scope covers end user computing and infrastructure. When procuring a solution, software can be provided under this lot provided the hardware forms the majority of the requirement.

This framework is for the procurement of all volume commodity hardware and software requirements, whether as simple commodity only requirements or as part of overall solutions. Technology Products effectively replaces three previous agreements: Commoditised IT Hardware and Software (CITHS) (RM721), IT Hardware and Software (ITHS) (RM1692) and Sprint II (RM720).

The Technology Products Framework is the result of collaboration between the Crown Commercial Service, PRO5 and the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Stakeholders from across the wider public sector played a part in shaping the requirements for the agreement through a series of customer workshops.

What Atos Offers - RM1054 – Technology Products

Through the RM1054 framework, organisations can gain access to storage and servers, datacentre and workplace capabilities and experience from Atos and key global technology partners such as EMC, Dell, HP and NetApp.

Atos Technology Products will help you meet today’s IT demands and your future business requirements you need to transform and innovate. We will supply an environment where your infrastructure empowers your teams to rapidly bring new products and digital services to market and enhances the way they work together and communicate.

With Technology Transformation Services, we are a trusted partner for your transformation journey with proven transformation skills from Atos. Our project delivery capability will help you to rapidly benefit from new datacentre workplace technologies in order to bring real value to the business. Capitalising on decades of infrastructure transformation experience we help you to reposition your IT department as a service broker, providing agile and flexible digital services integrated across multi-cloud platforms.

Find out more about the RM1054 – Technology Products

More information about the Framework is available from the Cabinet Office Website: Technology Products RM1054. To find out more about what Atos offers for this specific framework, speak to our dedicated frameworks team via the contact us link at the top of this page.

*Crown Commercial Service  

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