DaTS - Digital & Technology Services framework

Procuring through framework agreements with Atos provides savings, choice and flexibility to the UK Public Sector.

Overview - DATS – Digital and Technology Services


The services that can be provided under the DATs Framework Agreement will be extensive and wide ranging & no two projects are likely to be the same. Projects may range from the delivery of service desks, transformational digital/ICT projects, service/system integration, product support and network support.

Other services may include ICT Project and Programme Management, Cyber Security, Digital Services, Service Integration and Management (SIAM), IT Consultancy (Advice and Strategy) and System Integration.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but at a high level illustrates the range of potential services which may be requested.

What Atos Offers - DATS – Digital and Technology Services  


When buying through Atos you will benefit from:

  • Savings achieved through collaborative use of the framework
  • Flexible scope covering both traditional IT services and digital provision
  • Easiest route to market
  • Some consideration of employment practices, workforce matters and a wide range of community benefits.

Find out more about the DATS – Digital and Technology Services  


More information about the Framework is available from the Scottish Government Procurement Site DaTS - Digital & Technology Services. To find out more about what Atos offers for this specific framework, speak to our dedicated frameworks team via the contact us link at the top of this page.

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Charlotte Robinson
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