Procuring via frameworks

Procuring via Frameworks

As a CCS-accredited provider of services, we work with a wide range of public sector bodies to deliver high quality, value for money services.


Atos is a major CCS accredited provider of services to central and local government and public sector organisations right across the UK. We have a deep and practical understanding of the sector’s challenges and aspirations.

We will provide the right solution, based on cost alone or on specialised customer requirements. We have the skills and commitment to deliver best-in-class services that support the procuring organisation, and maximise benefits to citizens.

The Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework agreements offer great value, and fast and easy ways to procure a host of products and services.

They all have approved terms and conditions. So the buying process is streamlined, and made simpler to execute through the CCS website.

Departments and agencies don’t need to follow the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) selection process. So an entire layer of procurement time, effort and cost is stripped out.

Pre-agreed contract day rates and ‘out of the box’ solutions are available. So cost efficiency is built into the process and shared services are easier to budget for.

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