Drive effective and efficient policing through digital transformation

Policing today demands new answers to age old questions as well as tackling some new ones introduced by the digital world. Atos responds to that challenge with solutions that transform crime prevention and detection, citizen support and engagement, and the management of scarce police resources. 

Digital transformation is our business. We apply innovative thinking and leading technologies to create game changing policing strategies, and enable core police services and processes to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our vision is founded on real experience and knowhow – as IT services provider for a major UK police force for seven years, as a key process and technology partner for several European forces, as a secure service delivery partner for Government, and through deep involvement in policing and intelligence as worldwide IT partner for the Olympic Games.    

Increase deployable police time


Effective deployment of police resources is crucial to crime prevention and detection. Necessary but time-consuming administration often takes officers away from front line duties. By introducing automated processes and compliance, police authorities can deliver against their responsibilities whilst significantly increasing deployable police time to better support local communities. Self-service mobile access to online information and guidance makes officers even more productive, and better able to direct and manage their own workflow as well as reducing pressure on control rooms.

Multi-agency working is the future, and requires a new approach to partnering, effective triage, and efficient communication channel management for every contact. Intuitive technologies improve efficiency, ensure involvement and attendance by the right resolving agent, further increasing deployable police time whilst improving results and enhancing the citizen’s experience.

Identify vulnerability to prevent crime

Distilling valuable intelligence from available information is a major factor in developing and managing policing strategies that prevent crime. Atos’ prediction tools assess and analyse historic data of all kinds to identify places, events, or groups of people most likely to be at the centre of criminal activities in future. It also helps officers and other agencies to be in the right place at the right time to protect the ‘vulnerable.  Even online behaviour on social media web sites can be analysed, so police authorities can judge the impact on the local community of events happening anywhere in the world and plan resources efficiently.

As well as identifying potential criminals and vulnerable citizens, effective data analysis can be used to increase grassroots awareness of crime, and to reassure citizens about the facts of crime and disorder and counter the myths.

Predictive analysis also improves inter-agency collaboration and responses to ongoing societal issues. Gwent Police and four other organisations in South Wales, for example, are working closely with Atos to track vulnerable citizens. In a ground-breaking collaboration, local information is pooled, and Atos’ dedicated Analytics and Information Management team is deploying innovative data matching, predictive analytics, and consultative dialogue to identify people most at risk of crime in the area.

Narrow the odds for detecting crime

Police authorities can now equip themselves with digital solutions that support the very best thief catching techniques. CCTV cameras provide monitoring on the streets. Facial recognition technologies aid accurate identification. Easily shared information between emergency services, the criminal justice system, and supporting agencies – locally and nationally – can be used to spark bold insights into preventing and solving difficult crimes.

As worldwide IT Partner for the Olympics Games and Paralympic Games, Atos has a matchless reputation at the centre of inter-agency collaboration over intelligence and security issues earned over many years.  At London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, we worked closely with national Government intelligence agencies and police forces from around the country, advising and deploying our leading edge technology security solutions to maximise security, preventing physical or cyberattacks. 

Reducing disorder

Atos’ proven approach to digital transformation and associated technology solutions is helping to shape police authorities that are easier to do business with – as citizens or as partner agencies. More efficient, value-for money services support policing standards at optimum levels while resources are under pressure, and build a sustainable local policing model for the future.

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