Digital Vision for Wales

Digital Vision for Wales

The digital era offers great opportunity for the people of Wales: to create competitive advantage in today’s global economy and to build a more inclusive, better-connected and stronger society.

These are exciting times. Outside of London, Wales has the fastest-growing digital economy in Britain. New digital enterprises are being formed and there are world-class examples of innovation and digital leadership here on our doorstep.


The 'Digital Vision for Wales' opinion paper highlights the immense opportunities for new digital technologies to accelerate collaboration, data sharing, cost reduction and service improvement.

A collection of thought-leadership pieces written by Atos, industry experts and technologists from organisations such as Mitel, the Business Services Association and Deryn Consulting, key themes include:


  • Why citizens need to shape digital transformation
  • Research to shine a light on where to focus digital investment
  • Cyber security in today’s hyper-connected world
  • Building digital inclusion
  • The future for digitally enabled transport, education and healthcare
  • Priorities for creating a digital citizen ecosystem
  • Digital leadership challenges.

The paper hears from influential figures from across business and government on the need to unite behind a Digital Vision that combines the best of rapidly evolving technology with the talent, innovation and digital capabilities in Wales. The objective must be to improve public services, grow the economy, enhance citizen experience and enable organisations to deliver their key priorities.

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Mark Donovan
Client Executive - Wales

Download our Digital Vision for Wales Report PDF

Digital Vision for Wales Report


Download our Digital Vision for Wales Report PDF >>

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