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Talk to our Atos G-Cloud business technologists for your journey to cloud.

Our team has worked with the government’s G-Cloud procurement framework since its outset. If you have any questions about the G-Cloud purchasing process, require further information about Atos’ G-Cloud offering, or simply seek advice on how to procure a specific Atos product, contact our team members below:

Clive Grethe, Canopy VP Sales UK&I
Clive Grethe - Atos G-Cloud Clive has more than twenty years international commercial and business development experience working for Atos. Clive leads a team that provides a leadership role for Atos sales and account personnel who have leads and prospects that have a cloud and digital based service requirement.


David Dinsdale, Cloud Programme Director

David Dinsdale - Atos G-CloudDavid is responsible for helping to drive the uptake of cloud both externally within the public sector and internally within Atos. David focuses on understanding which services government expects to move to cloud, steering Atos to provide the right portfolio of products to meet those demands, and encouraging small- and medium-sized companies to become involved in G-Cloud, often through partnering with Atos.

Julie Hillman,  Bid Operations & Framework Manager 


Julie Hillman - Atos - G-cloudJulie is our Bid Operations & Framework Manager looking to maximise Atos representation within the G-Cloud frameworks and present the Global Cloud catalogue for Atos offerings. By understanding the requirements from local and central Government departments she ensures that Atos products and services are listed compliantly and in line with governance.

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  • Canopy, an Atos company specifically created in partnership with two leading IT suppliers—EMC and VMware to help promote next-generation cloud capabilities.
  • Worldline, a European leader in e-payments and transactional services.

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Julie Hillman
Atos G-Cloud Team
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