Platform as a Service - PaaS

All the cloud benefits but retain control of your platform

Atos Platform as a Service solutions give you the flexibility of cloud infrastructure but the freedom to deploy and maintain your own platform. Maybe you are already committed to a development environment for a particular application, and these could be the answers for you. 

You will still be able to deploy your own in-house or off-the-shelf applications onto the cloud infrastructure. So you can use the underlying cloud infrastructure, including network, servers, operating systems, or storage, to deliver fast responses that you pay for as you need them.  Atos PaaS products are accredited at an official level.

As a result you can:

  • Achieve cost and flexibility benefits of the cloud infrastructure
  • Retain control of core applications and application hosting environment.

G-Cloud:  Platform as a Service - PaaS Service Offerings

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atos-g-cloud-6-image-map-paasAtos PaaS Accredited Secure+ IaaSAtos Backup as a Service PaaS  Atos Cloud Disaster Recovery PaaSAtos PaaS Assured



canopy-g-cloud-6-image-map-paasA225 - Atos Canopy Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) PaaS

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Julie Hillman
Atos G-Cloud Team
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