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Expert advice from our business technologists to guide your cloud computing decision making


With the introduction of the government’s Public Cloud First Policy mandate, the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace should be the first option for all public sector organisations looking to purchase new or renew existing IT products and services.

For many government departments the move toward transparent and consumption based platforms raises concerns about the confidentiality and accessibility of more open environments. Safety and security in all matters related to public service delivery is paramount.  Yet the case for streamlining business processes and seeking out economies of scale—such as making use of the government’s G-Cloud procurement framework—is a compelling one.  Atos offers expert advice from our business technologists to guide your cloud computing decision making and, ultimately, helps you enhance public service delivery.

Ordering from the Atos G-Cloud catalogue is straightforward.

Simply contact us with your requirements, assess our quotation and sign off the appropriate documentation from Atos. A rapid implementation of days and weeks means you can start reaping the benefits of your “pay-as-you-go” solution from Atos.

You can contact us via  with your requirements and selected products and our Atos G-Cloud team will then get in touch with you     

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Julie Hillman
Atos G-Cloud Team
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