A study into the drivers of cloud adoption among enterprises worldwide

Find out from IT decision makers what makes Cloud a success

For every Gartner Hype Cycle study suggesting that cloud computing is descending into a “trough of disillusionment”, there is an IDC study declaring that the public cloud market will grow at five times the rate of the IT industry as a whole. In the face of these contradictory forecasts, it’s hard to know which way to turn.

So, Atos has partnered with industry analyst, Ovum, to conduct a survey of senior IT professionals to bring you the low-down on the cloud market from the IT decision maker’s perspective.

The unbiased research asks about the most important factors in making cloud a success, revealing that 27% cited board level support and an understanding of the true business impact. We put migration under the microscope with 34% saying that they had experienced limited support. And vendors are scrutinized on what they can improve on, with 37% pointing to a lack of fully managed services.

This uncensored opinion, from corporate IT leaders in Europe and North America, is your ticket to re-imagining your business in the cloud and operating a hosted model at a safe altitude. Tackle your first or next hosted project with confidence as we bring the cloud back down to earth with some revealing and jargon-free insights from your fellow ICT professionals.

This report will become your trusted companion as you navigate an increasingly cluttered and competitive cloud market. At the very least, it will alert you to the smoke signals that others have left as they have deployed cloud technology with varying degrees of success.

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