Digital Transformation

Atos Government Digital Transformation

We understand the huge challenge of delivering end-to-end transformation when budgets are squeezed. Yet change is imperative to make service delivery affordable longer term.

In response to changing citizens’ expectations combined with severe constraints on budgets and ongoing devolution, government needs to totally re-think the way services are delivered.

At Atos we believe new operating models need to put citizens at the heart. Citizen-centric service design enhances citizen experience and integrates service delivery around need. And citizen-centricity can cost less – both short term through more innovative thinking in service transformation, and in the longer term through shared data and better co-ordination of resources.

Transformation for digital government

We help government achieve comprehensive digital transformation to deliver improved shared services, greater collaboration and inte¬gra¬tion, and system-wide efficiencies.


By helping to deliver easy-to-use digital self-service tools to citizens, we’re enabling central and local government to evolve the intelligent, intuitive and personalised engagement that citizens now expect and demand.

How we work

We work in partnership with government to design digital services that are truly citizen-centric and achieve new levels of cost-effectiveness in the process.


We inject best practice and experience from other sectors to accelerate the journey to digital. We bring innovative thinking to achieve real transformation within tight constraints, overcoming silos and finding new ways to collaborate across the public sector and with private sector partners.

Journey to digital

We will help you meet the four key challenges of digital transformation:


  • Citizen experience. Re-designing citizen experience and engagement
  • Governance, risk and compliance. Ensuring infrastructure, staff and citizen are secure and compliant
  • Operational excellence. Assuring the excellence, efficiency and resilience of business operations
  • Business reinvention. Developing existing business models to take advantage of new, agile digital networks

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