2 Speed IT - the new reality

2 Speed IT

How to manage operational and digital speeds simultaneously


As government services become increasingly digitised, the pressure is on public sector IT leaders to solve growing tensions between technological and operational needs – between supply and demand, agility and stability, short-term cost savings and long-term value.


With new digital functionality a requirement, the lead times between what users demand and what IT can deliver are lengthening. Meanwhile, IT departments struggle with accumulated operational infrastructures that aren’t flexible enough for the digital world.


Unless the gaps between technology and the business of government can be closed, IT will become a severe constraint on delivering the new government’s agenda.


CIOs and CTOs increasingly recognise that adapting to the new realities means managing operational and digital speeds simultaneously. Adopting a ‘2-speed’ IT strategy is especially important for mature enterprises with major technology dependence.


This White Paper shows why mastering 2-speed IT is imperative for government IT leaders.


It examines how to get IT fit for purpose, and includes actionable advice for establishing effective digital capability.

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Download the 2-Speed IT: the new reality White Paper >>

Download the 2-Speed IT: the new reality White Paper >>

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