Central Government  & the Digitally Discerning Citizen

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Demanding Digital: Central Government in Focus Market Research Paper >>

A summary analysis of the key statistics and messages about citizens’ attitudes towards and experiences of central government digital services.


Public service reform demands that government and its partners do things differently, not just better or more efficiently.

While the pressures are immense, so are the opportunities to find totally new ways to deliver services and target resources where they are needed most.


Automating existing operating models is no longer an option. The penetration of disruptive technologies has transformed the digital landscape. The cultural landscape is also shifting. Increasingly, citizens expect government to provide more joined-up, useful and better-designed services through any device. The momentum for government devolution and the smart state is gathering. Meanwhile financial pressures only intensify, and government must think differently to deliver services within ever-tighter budgetary constraints.

How we help

Atos is closely involved in all aspects of UK public services. A major part of our UK business is working with and delivering services for major government departments including HM Revenue and Customs, Home Office, Department of Health, NHS Scotland and the Ministry of Justice.

We’re helping government to achieve wide-scale digital transformation, optimise resources, connect data, and interact with citizens in different ways. We bring rich knowledge and capabilities across the digital spectrum, including Cloud services, Cyber-security, Analytics and Big Data.

Atos is a leading provider to government. We deliver large-scale Service Integration and Management (SIAM), IT Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Business Payments Services to improve delivery and optimise value for money through technology.

We recognise the importance of working as part of a wider partner ecosystem. Our SME Harbour ensures that major public sector enterprises can benefit from innovative solutions from smaller niche vendors.

Future for digital government

Atos is helping to create a digital future in which government will serve the citizen by informing, connecting and enabling a mixed economy of channels and providers. For citizens, the boundaries between local and central departments, different local authorities, cities and agencies will become irrelevant. Real-time data will flow between agencies, with multi-sided markets connecting people, predicting need and targeting resources, and joined-up government serving communities and strengthening society.

We understand the challenges of creating this future while delivering everyday services.

Atos: touching UK citizens every day

Our impact on UK citizens’ lives is important, extensive and growing. We’re behind the scenes assisting citizens daily in almost every aspect of their lives.


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