Trust & Compliance for Energy

Scrutineering data quality and integrity

Oil and gas companies need to be constantly alert to protect sensitive data and IT from threats such as economic espionage or cyber-terrorism, or simply to ensure the data is available in a timely and transparent fashion to comply with regulatory reporting obligations.


These issues of trust and compliance are not new of course but the rapid development of data-intensive processes in the industry requires that companies adopt a much more proactive and holistic approach.


At the same time, they need to ensure that the security measures and compliance procedures do not jeopardize the free flow of information which is so essential to today’s digitally-enabled energy industry.


We believe that trust and compliance begins with process not technology – and that’s where Atos’ deep oil and gas industry knowledge brings immediate and lasting value.

 We understand the importance of being able to design and apply security processes and solutions which can be effectively implemented across your extended business ecosystem of partners and subcontractors.


Atos offers much more than point solutions for your trust and compliance concerns. We are able to provide full Security Operation Center coverage if required, which can be a real advantage in an industry in which multiple small and widely distributed remote sites are the norm.


Atos activities in trust and compliance focus on these main areas:

  • Design and management for critical systems and infrastructures - Resilient, high-availability infrastructure and SCADA solutions
  • Cybersecurity - Delivering end-to-end security – including full Security Operation Center services
  • Protecting data across the business ecosystem – Designing secure ecosystem communication models that protect direct operations and allow partners to offer optimum security to their own customers
  • Transparent compliance processes - Comprehensive management processes for regulatory checks and reports

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