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Optimising upstream operations with Real-Time Intelligence

There is no cheap oil anymore and companies are operating in tougher, more marginal conditions while searching for new resources. In exploration and production, it is vital not to waste a single molecule of precious hydrocarbons.

That puts extreme pressure on operators to improve their productivity, reduce costs and optimize all aspects of their operations, while meeting increasingly stringent standards of environmental and operational safety.

Improved efficiency must be built into every aspect of operations, across the full lifecycle, from exploration to development and production, right through to decommissioning. To reach world-class standards of excellence, it is essential to: 


  • Work with data in real-time to create actionable intelligence for each individual well and production field
  • Aggregate intelligence to create usable repositories of best practice, and improving the quality of tactical and strategic decision making

Making the “digital oilfield” a reality

Atos Worldgrid is a leader in every aspect of real-time intelligence. We create a comprehensive digital mirror of your upstream Oil & Gas operations, giving you an end to end view of every process and system on a minute by minute basis.

You will see across all operational silos to ensure optimised drilling and production, cut out downtime through accurate, predictive maintenance and set new standards of efficiency for all aspects of the business.

We also pull both system-specific and business data together to create relevant business intelligence. This is presented on dashboards crafted for a specific purpose: operations teams and financial teams, for example, often need different views derived from shared data.

Most importantly, Atos Worldgrid develops structured and easy-to-manage shared knowledge repositories, in which all experience gained on an individual rig or well adds to the overall resource of enterprise intelligence.

Atos Worldgrid is one of the rare companies able to create rich and comprehensive real-time intelligence and management systems, built from operational data specific to the upstream world with core business systems, as well. That is the key to unparalleled levels of operational excellence across the board.

The upstream industry can only meet its extraordinary challenges in the years ahead by creating real-time digital oilfields: Atos Worldgrid will make the concept a reality now, as your partner in building a more productive future, anywhere in the world.

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