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Operational excellence is of paramount importance for oil and gas companies, particularly in the current economic climate, as it enables them to boost efficiency by optimising processes and so reduce costs.


Atos sees the ability to derive actionable intelligence from the growing volumes of real-time and archive data as a key competitive differentiator that will ultimately determine your ability to thrive in a world of volatile prices and shrinking margins.


The oil and gas sectors have always been data-intensive: the success of where and how to drill, for example, has long been reliant on the quality of available geophysical data.

But the ability to extract, refine and sell oil and gas safely and profitably depends more than ever on the quality of intelligence.


With the now ubiquitous presence of mobile communications and automatically generated data, oil and gas companies have unprecedented opportunities to streamline processes, to protect costly investments and, perhaps most importantly, to move with greater agility than ever before.


To enable you to make your operations smarter, safer and more profitable, Atos offers solutions in following areas:


  • Process efficiency – for business and IT - Making streamlined digital process the foundation of all business activity
  • Next-generation asset management - Using smart predictive maintenance to maximise the useful life of all assets
  • Field-force efficiency and productivity - Exploiting mobile technologies to optimize scheduling and job management for third-party contractors
  • ITO and cloud services - Including support and management for critical specialist oil and gas applications

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