Oil & Gas Transport and Distribution

Optimised transport and distribution networks for the gas industry

Gas transport and distribution networks must be managed to exceptionally high levels of consistency and safety. To achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency, operators need a reliable, real-time view of the entire network.

But this integrated vision can only be achieved if the system and data feeds across the network are similarly integrated. As a result, Gas companies must: 

  • Have real-time access to gas measurement
  • Achieve tight operational control across the network
  • Be able to balance capacity with agility and precision
  • Maintain a clear record of all events, for both tracking and development

Comprehensive transport and distribution solutions


Atos Worldgrid designs, builds, and supports comprehensive gas transport and distribution solutions. We base everything we do on established best practice, while recognising that local conditions are often very distinctive and different. We do not bring a “one size fits all” approach but ensure precise customisation for each engagement.

Our gas industry consultants begin with a detailed analysis of the business and operating environment, and then build solutions exactly tailored to client needs, using an accelerated development approach, based on best in breed building blocks. Key components will typically include: 

  • Robust, high-performance data acquisition systems
  • Efficient and secure SCADA
  • Gas Management System (GMS—with extended network simulation capabilities)
  • Master-data management system (MDM) for data consistency
  • Archive and event history management
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to pinpoint assets and activities.

Atos Worldgrid works with gas companies to establish an integrated, enterprise-wide network vision. We combine skilled consultancy and analysis with a strong repository of best practice to ensure that each solution is delivered at best cost and least effort, with non-disruptive transition and migration.

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