Customer Experience for Energy

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In the energy sector, the first step to excellence in customer experience has to start with investing the time and effort to truly understand who exactly your customers are.


That can be difficult, as oil and gas companies have traditionally had a wide variety of B2B and B2C operational activities, each with its own market dynamics and complex set of customer relationships.


Today, the integrated business model is being increasingly questioned as oil and gas companies look to slim down to a core set of essential activities that differentiate them in the marketplace and add sustainable value.


The ability to win and retain customers is closely linked to this ability to offer new and differentiating services. So, as well as a focused business portfolio you also need a clearly articulated customer engagement strategy that leverages the growing volumes of operational and customer data and so enables you to build unique value propositions for your B2B and B2C customers.


Atos is ready to explore this business-critical area with you, sharing our own specialist experience and expertise in the following areas:


  • CRM - Building a 360° customer view around client expectations and behavior
  • Customer engagement and self-care portals - Empowering clients to manage services and contracts
  • Payment and loyalty services – Oil and gas companies need to maximize loyalty and revenues with fleet customers
  • Fleet management – Atos solutions for contract management, CRM and enterprise fleet management
  • Big data & data analytics - Better target individual and business customers to increase revenue


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