Business Reinvention for Energy

Creating new value with partners

With the current uncertain outlook for energy prices, it is tempting for oil and gas companies to reduce their investment in new IT systems and other areas not strictly essential to their day-to-day operations.


But that would be short-sighted, as strategic investments in innovative tools and digital technologies are needed more than ever if today’s companies are to successfully reinvent them and play a leading role in tomorrow’s energy business.


Because there are plenty of candidate technologies for reinvention, it can be difficult to know where to start. Atos believes that successful business reinvention requires an ability to look across your entire extended value chain of businesses, partners and customers to identify the best opportunities to apply digital technology to achieve the greatest reward for the least risk.


Some of the technologies are relatively mainstream, such as industrial clouds, where Atos is making it possible for oil and gas service providers to transform the way in which remote management in isolated or hostile locations is delivered.


As business technologists, Atos is also pushing the boundaries with emerging technologies. With 3D printing, for example, we are investigating ways for oil and gas companies to produce components on site – thus speeding resolution and slashing the cost of sourcing and logistics.


Here are a few of the ways in which Atos can help you reinvent your business:

  • The industrial cloud - Combining commercial and operational technologies in the cloud with smart dashboards
  • Transformational IT for offshore - Developing systems for transformational offshore platforms and vessels
  • Open innovation platforms - Establishing practical frameworks for effective multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • 3D printing revolution - Taking advantage of this new technology to rapidly and cost-effectively produce parts on site and on demand


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