Application Management for Energy




Drive efficiency and cost savings with an optimised applications estate

Organisational change is heavily dependent on IT. And for too many organisations, transformation plans are frustrated by the nightmare challenge of managing disparate applications, implemented on an ad hoc basis over many years.

The Atos approach can make all the difference.

Rationalised and standardised systems


Our Right-Fit Application Management breaks away from the outdated treatment of applications in separate silos across your operations. We take an integrated view:

  • Changing your application landscape into a rationalized, standardised, and more efficient structure
  • Optimising your IT’s performance
  • Helping you make the breakthrough to transformation.

Standardization is the key word for Atos Right-Fit Application Management solutions. But we also apply our knowledge and experience of your organisation, helping to select and combine only those standard modules that meet your specific needs and priorities.

Faster, more agile and cost-effective


Our many customers find that their organizations become fine-tuned for speed and agility. They are better able to focus on their operating challenges, while we take care of the technology that enables their transformation.


Savings on Application Management costs can be impressive. Typically, we find that adopting our Atos Right-Fit approach delivers annual Application Management cost reductions of 30-50%.

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